Blooming Trash Bins

DFC Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh


Winni Tran

Step 1 FEEL

-Sound pollution. -Cyber bullying. -Trash bags which are bitten by rats.

The problem that I have chosen to work on is trash bags being bitten by rats for the cause that those ripped up trash bags can significantly decrease the inherent beauty of the alley where I am living.

By observing, I can ensure that not just me and the neighbors around me, many individuals’ facial emotions are “disgusted” when we see or step on the trash on the ground because I am pretty sure that most of us consider trash as dirty. Not only the citizens in the country where I am living, foreigners who have visited VietNam will definitely have negative comments on the country where I was borned. This could result in a lesser number of people who would spend time on a trip in our country due to the negative impacts they have. Moreover, if things are getting worse, Vietnamese’ tourism would hardly last as the income does not meet the owners’ expectations.


-A scent that could prevent rats from coming near trash bags. -A box that could protect trash bags from being bitten by rats. -Homemade traps to catch rats.

The solution that I have chosen is a box that could act like a shield to protect trash bags from being ripped by rats as it is easy to make and can contribute in making my alley even more fine.

Step 3DO

Firstly, my dad and I chose the material that we could easily find in the area where we live. After we get the materials, the first task is to shape the frame. Last but not least, nails were used to connect the wood and glue to stick the magnets(which made up the door).

Successfully to cover the messy trash bags and stop rats from ripping off them.


“The idea is wonderful, I would insert the design into the buildings that I am currently building.” by Mr. Nguyen Hong Chau (my dad’s best friend and a skilled architect). “Please also release designs that are made from other materials, but overall, I like it.” by a friend of mine.

I was a bit confused if my project would even work. However, I quickly gained my confidence back when I realized that apart from me, no one could fix this situation.

0-7 Days

Partnership for the goals

When it comes to developing tourism, people would think of something big and far away from us. But if we think once again, the place where we are living could be the place where somebody would spend their holidays on, and same to us. So, I believe that it is needed for us to improve the place where we are living in, this could give travelers a better impression. I am convinced that there is a high chance people would share their experience with others, and of course, positive feedback could trigger peoples’ desire to go and visit a country. This little contribution could take some part in developing my countrys’ tourism.

Step 4 SHARE

In daily conversations, I tell my friends and relatives about my project and suggest they contribute to my project as well. Peoples’ responses are always positive and they are willing to spread my project even further by social media and in an oral way.


Continue sharing and come up with more materials which can be used by people to build up the “Blooming Trash Bin”.