The Tree Mascots

Design For Change Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh


Giao Lan Phuong Dinh Ngoc Huong Nhien

Step 1 FEEL

According to the FAO report, Vietnam is one of the countries most severely affected by natural disasters, storms, floods, and forest fires. From June 28, 2022 to the first week of July 2022, the North and Central regions of Vietnam experienced the most intense heat wave of the year. The temperature in many places such as Hanoi, Hoa Binh, Nam Dinh, Ninh Binh ... has reached 40°C, even 41°C in Thanh Hoa. The hot sun causes the fields in many places to dry out. About 40 hectares of corn in Ha Tinh province burned in the whole field due to drought; people are at risk of losing their summer-autumn crop. Ho Chi Minh City is no exception to the impact of climate change. The peak daytime temperature from April 2022 to June 2022 can sometimes reach 40°C. People are advised when going out to cover their skin and eyes because UV rays above 8 will damage the body.

The answer is clear: it is necessary to prevent and gradually reduce climate change. Preventing deforestation, restoring and developing green areas is one of the prerequisites to help us carry out this mission for the environment and for the Earth. People need to be educated about Afforestation and Forest Protection which must go hand in hand. If the forest is preserved, it makes sense to plant more trees, because new plantations cannot replace old and primeval forests.

All people living on Earth.


- Each member will donate a piggy bank to get the initial funding for the project. - Receive donations of scrap paper, old books and newspapers, and sell them to raise money to buy and give donors a small The tree mascots, suitable for growing indoors or on a balcony or window sill. - This work will achieve dual benefits, both extending the life of the pulp (from wood/tree) used to make books, newspapers, and paper, and helping to raise funds for The tree mascots to reach more. people, achieve the goal of planting trees. This model can be implemented and replicated gradually, from building blocks, neighborhoods, to city level, then spreading to many provinces, cities and finally the country. Find and receive funding to have funds to donate the tree mascots for each person who registers to participate in the Project. We will contact forest developers to provide seeds and land to plant the tree mascots . Selling the tree mascots and planting land for non-profit purposes. If a person likes to have a the tree mascots of his own, growing over time with him, then invest a small amount (value will depend on the tree mascots and planting area), have the tree mascots as a friend, witness his maturity; both help with tree planting and afforestation.

We combine all those solutions.

Step 3DO

Phase 1: We call for the support of parents, family, relatives, friends, people living in the same area. We raise funds through accepting donations of scrap paper and used books and newspapers and reselling them to resellers of used books, newspapers and scrap paper. We go to the garden house to buy Linh Moc at wholesale price, ask them for advice on how to care to guide donors when giving Linh Moc to them. We started greening the place where we live first, along with the Spirit Woods in the house, balcony and window sill. Phase 2: The details and timing of this Phase are set or adjusted depending on the outcomes of Phase 1 and the opportunities opened up from Phase 1. However, for the immediate future we think of two ( 2) work to be done in parallel. Phase 3: “The Spirit Woods” will be known all over the world. By this stage, we have matured, and are able to make direct connections with experts, NGOs, international organizations, to introduce and call for the implementation of the Project.

Collected 200 kilograms of used papers, 40 kilos of second-hand books and crafts. 24 Tree mascots.


"This activity will mean a lot to children who are suffering from cancer and under treatment at the hospitals. They'll find happiness taking care of those tree mascots."

Time constraints, finance management, human shortage. We worked as a team and were very serious about the project.


Life on land

Because we're planting trees.

Step 4 SHARE

They love our idea and our project was voted the most popular in the DFC National Challenge 2022.

More than 100

We split the project into 3 phases, continue to share about our actions on our FB fanpage and do research about this topic.