Better Together Animal Alliance Shelter Drive

Sandpoint Middle school



Tessa MacDougall

Step 1 FEEL

The problem that bugged me was the Animal shelters lack of donations around the holidays and how people were unaware of it.

This was a problem because the lack of donations for Animal Shelter ment people weren't gonna get the help they usually would because the animal shelter use these donations to help out others as well as to help the animals in their shelter.

Well the people in the animal shelter are often affected since sometimes things like basic supplies has to come out of their own money but this is also affecting the pets who are just looking for a good home. The primary concern for them would be to run out of necessary supplies to take care of the animals in there shelter

Step 2 Imagine

At first i thought about just leaving a box at a local supermarket and hoping for the best but i knew that i could do better so i talked my design for change teacher who said i should talk to my principal to get the ok about running the drive through the school. after i got the ok I left the box near the front office, again hoping for the best but it didn't really get enough attention so my design for change class helped me to promote the animal drive. We made videos, made posts on schoology and ended up turning it into a contest which was just want we needed to get it to start going.

The main issue we faced was getting the attention we needed so we made videos, posts on schoology and turned it into a contest with school wide prizes to get kids interested.

Step 3DO

The problem we faced was getting attention from the students so we thought about ideas that would get them interested, A contest was our best idea with schoolwide prizes so everyone would participate plus we made videos and schoology posts just to keep it relevant.

The impact was pretty big for everyone I'd say because the students got their prizes, we had one of our 8th grade science teachers donkey come to school and our principle would dress up as a mascot for a day. That was the impact on the students but there was a huge impact on me, my design for change class and of course the animal shelter! The impact of the animal drive for me was that i could help out my community because i was given the resources to do so and that the animal shelter got 800 hundred pounds worth of supplies to help them through the winter.


“We love seeing young people in our community participating in philanthropy,” Paige McGowan, BTAA development director, said. “In just about two weeks these kids managed to gather over 800 pounds of food and supplies - that’s impressive. We’re so grateful for their contribution.” and"I would like to thank all who donated to help Tessa and the Design for Change class reach their goal,” Ann Dickinson, teacher of the Design For Change class, said. “The Design for Change class would especially like to thank Kendon Perry and Coleman Frank from Farm Bureau Insurance for their generous 190lb donation! I am very proud of the Design for Change class for taking on this project. They worked through adversity and a short time frame to surpass their goal. These students are a great example of what kids can accomplish when given the tools and opportunity to do acts of good within their community." Both quotes from the bonner daily bee article "SMS students help animals in need"

The only challenge that we really encountered was the lack of donations aka getting kids interested and we overcame that problem by providing prizes to get there interest and making posts and videos about how this was doing a lot of good to help out the animal shelter.

0-7 Days

Sustainable cities and communities

I think my story aligns with Sustainable cities and communities because when you do things for the community it builds a community. And when i was given the resources i wanted to use them to help out or give back to my community.

Step 4 SHARE

My project was shared through my school and the community. I shared the animal drive with my school by running it through school and My class helped me get it out into the community, we emailed people outside of school, trying to get connections and it worked, Kendon Perry and Coleman Frank from Farm Bureau Insurance donated a generous 190 pounds of supplies. With their help we surpassed our 500 pound goal and raised 800 pounds for the animal shelter.


Because of my random act of kindness turning into this big awesome experience I wanna continue to hold supply drives and volunteer when im older. And i think that is already happening our 1st semester design for change class this year just concluded there animal drive! I'd like to think it'd be cool for them to continuing it yearly, maybe they will maybe they won't all i know is am gonna continue to make a change in and out of design for change class.