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Eriyat Devi

Step 1 FEEL

People with parkinson’s disease have tremors because of misfiring neurons which impact their ability to live their life and perform day to day tasks.

Patients with Parkinson's lose control over their bodies due to the impairing of Dopamine producing cells, and this creates one of the most common and fatal symptoms, tremors. A teammate’s grandfather was a fighter of the fatal brain disease - Parkinson's, whose many downsides include stiffness of joints, slowness of movement, and the most harmful one, tremors of muscles.

The patients primary concerns were living their day to day life and their declining confidence and self esteem to be able to do basic tasks for themselves. They also are of an older age group where invasive cures such as drugs or brain implants aren’t the safest options.


a glove controlled by a brain implant, a mechanical glove and finally a mechanical armband.

The mechanical armband as it does not restrict movement of the hand and is non invasive and stops the tremors at the joints providing greater stability.

Step 3DO

We have pitched at various conferences and even gone for crowdfunding, we are now prototyping the final product.

Won many accolades, visited many doctors for their feedback and is currently being made so further research and clinical trials can take place.


A great idea. This could change and make a positive impact on many lives. - Dr. Brij Kishore A great concept, well made and well thought out. The best part is that the social cause chosen is a noble one. - Mayur Raval

The main challenge was the technology required to build the product, we had a very rough mock up and we are still in the process of building our final product.


Good health and well being

Because it is aimed at the healthcare industry for the neurological disease Parkinson’s.

Step 4 SHARE

Shared it through various events: iCAN 2021 (both national and international rounds), pitched at Elevate (held in association with FICCI and the Consulate of India),DubaiNEXT’s Next Top Fantastic Fifty (where Obscurus was runners up and won a cash prize), GITEX and more. All responses had feedback but largely there was positivity that this could bring real change.

More than 100

To build a product, go through clinical trials, get approval and launch the product to the market.