Modern Volleyball Platform

Bilkent Laboratory & International School



Didar Bülbül

Step 1 FEEL

I observed that in my team, my teammates (including me) weren’t communicating the way they should be. The rivalry between us was affecting us in a negative way.

The lack of solidarity and positive competition between girls playing volleyball.

Girls between the ages of 13-16 playing volleyball.


1. Organize a volleyball tournament with girls all over the country 2. Organize fun activities with our different volleyball teams 3. Go to a volleyball game together 4. Play volleyball together with different teams 5. Participate in awareness programs with our teams 6. Encourage gender equality

Instead of choosing one from above, we decided to establish a new platform called Modern Volleyball Platform, and carry out many different activities with this platform.

Step 3DO

First, we established the Modern Volleyball Platform, and decided on our mission. Our mission was to encourage solidarity and positive competition between girls playing volleyball. We opened a social media account to share our platform with others. At the time, an unfortunate earthquake hit Turkey, so we decided to start our project by working together and supporting a volleyball team that was affected by the earthquake. We organized a fundraiser for them and participated in awareness programs with them.

We were able to show all of our different teams that volleyball was supposed to bring us together, and change their perspectives. At the same time we were able to raise awareness as well as help more than 30 girls from Hatay.


‘Your support was really meaningful for us. They enjoyed all of the programs they participated in and were happy with the results.’ - Coach of the Hatay volleyball team ‘I think that what you are doing is very important because you are right, volleyball is a team sport, and everyone should come to see this.’ - Turkey Volleyball Federation Co-President

Implementing the project was definitely not easy. Meeting with the girls from the platform (MVP) every week, thinking of ways that we can improve our project required a lot of effort. Organizing our fundraisers, bringing 6 different volleyball teams together, managing everything was a real challenge. However, we were able to overcome these challenges by being a team and with the help of our mentors.


Gender Equality

Throughout our project, we always supported women in volleyball, and encouraged the solidarity between these women. We not only aimed to increase the unity in volleyball, but we also aimed to strengthen the solidarity between women or girls. At the same time, women’s rights was one of the topics we included in the educational programs. Therefore, we implanted the idea of gender equality into our project.

Step 4 SHARE

We organized events to share our project with the people around us. At the same time we shared it through social media (@modern_volleyball_platform on Instagram).

More than 100

We will keep working together as Modern Volleyball Platform (MVP), and regularly organize new events to bring girl volleyball players together. We will also keep our social media active.