Pens vending machine

Dar Althikr Schools

Makkah region


Abdulrahman Kara Bilo

Step 1 FEEL

During my school, some of my classmates were exposed to situations of forgetting or losing their pens

Forgetting or losing their pens, this exposes them to embarrassment or reprimand from the teacher, as these pens are a main need for all students, and there is no place to sell them in schools

students, Teachers

Step 2 Imagine

a vending machine for pens

a vending machine for pens because it was the prefect solution

Step 3DO

The challenges were how will the mechanism of placing the pens and then the mechanism of dropping the pen to the buyer, and what are the necessary electronic tools and how I will program them. By researching and making more than one prototype, I was able to find the most appropriate one.

solved the problem


"good idea, you solved a big problem" "the mechanism is perfect!"

My model would not be complete without a way to run it, which was an obstacle Before completing the project, I felt helpless, as I have no experience. And being a Doroob student, I really had a wonderful opportunity that Doroob presented to me, which was the Artificial Intelligence course To help those who have an innovation bring it to reality by supporting us with tools and extensive training with the best experts

0-7 Days

Quality Education

Because it improves the quality of education and the conduct of lessons

Step 4 SHARE

I participated in the competition offered by the school


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