Save Every Drop of Water

Bajaj Foundation Sikar



Jamnalal Kaniram Bajaj

Step 1 FEEL

Problem:- There was water problem in the village. That's why people left the village house and built their house in the farm. During the rainy season, a lot of water used to flow away. Even that water was not being used. The roof of the school is big. The hand pump lying in the school dried up completely. When so much rain water is flowing, why not this water? Drop it in the hand pump. This will help in raising the water level.


Build a dam to hold water. Make a big tank of water. Pour water into the hand pump. Children and villagers do not have enough money to spend on these things. It was a low cost scheme. Pour water into the hand pump.

Step 3DO

There is no water in the handpump of the school. Water is flowing in vain from the roof of the school. Because of the water, the people of the village are settling in the fields. The children together thought that the roof of the school is so big and the water is flowing in vain. If this water is pumped into the hand pump, the water level may rise. The children made a plan to recharge the water in the hand pump with the help of an organization. And the plan succeeded. A lot of water is recharged in the hand pump.

A lot of water is recharged in the hand pump.


" We never thought that water could be put in hand pumps". "This children's plan is the guide for the village".

The biggest problem was money. This work was accomplished through the teacher and with the help of an institution.

15-30 Days

Climate Change

Step 4 SHARE

Shared with all the kids in the school. The people of the village also praised this work and made a plan for such water recharge at their home too. People from social organizations also saw this work. There was only one question in everyone's mind that can this happen? what children did in their school.