Rethinking Sustainability at ELC High

ELC High School



Sonam Gyeltshen

Step 1 FEEL

- Wastage of toilet paper: Toilet paper was being used for wipes - Vandalism: Tables were being defaced. Chairs were being broken


Use Handkerchiefs in place of tissue From Disposable to Reusable Vandalism Policy would be made explicit to every student Racing the chair would mean sitting in the floor Destroying furniture would mean paying for the damage But Education and Awareness would be the Bigher Idea

Step 3DO

DFC members presented the idea to the entire School Community Protocols on recording vandalism was explained. Vandalism Policy distributed and pasted Distributed Handkerchiefs

Success at school so we took the idea into our homes, to the community, to the Minister of Happiness United Arab Emirates. 95% used handkies after one week of implementation 85 % average reduction of tissue No report of damage furniture


A sustainable and innovative solution. A cost effective and economical strategy.

Paying for the damage furniture was not really a good solution. Instead DFC members presented and created awareness and educated the entire school community.

15-30 Days

Quality Education

Step 4 SHARE

The DFC member educated and created awareness to the entire school community presenting bigger idea. Further, they used social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to reach wide audience.