Rain Water Recharge Structure.

Bajaj Foundation Sikar



Jamnalal Kaniram Bajaj

Step 1 FEEL

There is water system in the school. But for many days the water of the borewell of the school was getting very less. Children were not coming to school due to Corona. So the problem of water was not much. But the water was getting less day by day. 11th class children were coming to school. who were helping to build the school garden. They realized the problem of water. So what should be done for that? The children made a plan for rain water harvesting.


Bring a water bottle from your home. Ask the neighborhood for water help. Install water tanker in school. Make a big tank of water. Rain water harvesting system. Take admission in the school which has water.

Step 3DO

Rain water Harvesting system . To recharge water bore wells. The children worked as a team. Donations collected from people took technical support. The children themselves worked in it. After meeting the Sarpanch, took assurance to build a bore well.

lots of water recharge in the borewell. Now borewell water is enough for everyone.


"This is a beautiful act of giving water to the thirsty land". "We take out a lot of water from the ground, but the kids have done a good job of pouring the water back into the ground".

Most of money problem and technical guidance. but students solve the problem.

15-30 Days

Climate Change

Step 4 SHARE

Newspaper, Media and share with community. People are doing this experiment in their homes, fields.