Heal the Earth as You Walk the Earth

Revive Bhutan



Sonam Gyeltshen

Step 1 FEEL

The roads and trek routes have a lot of non-biodegradable waste, like plastic food wrappers, bottles, and tins, causing a serious threat to the environment of the mountain ranges in the forest. These threat disturb the nature and ecosystems in the forest.

Step 2 Imagine

● Organize cleaning campaign every month ● Place dustbin along the trail ● Create awareness

Step 3DO

○ Pitch up with volunteers to clear the forest of trash. It also makes a great opportunity to educate on the ills if litter. Thus, protecting Ecosystems Connection- Food Chains, Habitat, and Humans in the Forest/Environment. ○ Segregate and dump the waste in an appropriate dumping areas. ○ Gather support and collaborate.

Since its inception in March, the group has organised six cleaning campaign collecting more than 200 kgs of waste engaging 150 youths and dumping it at an appropriate dumping areas.


"You get to hike, you get to clean, and you get to enjoy the nature. What more can you ask for. I love the experience. I'm glad to find Green Feet, " Srijana " It's not only about the cleaning but personally it has helped me physically, mentally, and spiritually, " Chimi.

Deciding on the trail however we created a group chat to decide it. In addition.

15-30 Days

Climate Change

Step 4 SHARE

We have share the project through social media like Facebook and Instagram with all the youths, relevant stakeholders, and communities. They all appreciate the idea whereby some of the regular hikers has replicate the action. Some of the people also donate us by providing refreshments and lunch.