Rainforest, Our Life, Our Future





Step 1 FEEL

Kemensah Hulu located in Ulu Kelang, Kuala Lumpur. I choose Kemensah Hulu in which originally a beautiful jungle with few waterfalls and its very important to Kuala Lumpur citizen as a part of eco tourism. Since 1970s only people from Kampung Kemensah came to plant fruits in Kemensah Hulu. In 1980s people from outside Kemensah, Ulu Kelang came into Kemensah Hulu and start opening up chalets. Today, a huge frustration as I observed there were deforestation and lost of habitat and biodiversity. In 29 November 2020 devastation of nature and worsening of deforestation and damage of ecosystem, there were also many uncontrolled building up chalets and damaged of riverside and trees were cut down. Landslide seen at the site of interest. I wish that all the images could reversed and to restore the nature.

Step 2 Imagine

Firstly, to halt the deforestation by looking into the legal issue via MPAJ. Secondly, limit the building up of chalets and other constructions. Thirdly, to meet the local people of that area to discuss about their view regarding the above matter. Fourth, to introduce alternative reserved forest recovery by planting herbs plants. Fifth, to encourage people to appreciate nature and herbs plants as their side income. Sixth, establish parks to protect rainforest and wildlife. The seventh, restore damaged ecosystems by planting trees on land. Last but not least, to encourage people to live in a way that doesn’t hurt the environment.

Step 3DO

Another reason finalise the decision of option to be offered to the affected area/community. After that to meet the JKK/MPKK representative if to discuss the above matter since they already have herbs plants garden/extension of herbs project. Later to meet Adun Ulu Kelang to inform regarding the project. Meet the people of the Kemensah Hulu to discuss their point of view. In addition once all of the above achieved we can start with a simple demonstration of planting herbs tree.

A general consideration is the riverside is beautify. The next argument is landslide are prevented. A more specific example is deforestation withhold. A short-term problem we face is people of area affected appreciate nature and save rainforest. The most difficult challenge will be more activities open to school children to appreciate nature of rain forest for their future/next generation.


They appreciate much and hopping more intervention by authorities to maintain the green of the rain forest

The most pertinent point is MCOs. Another interesting point to consider to deal with municipal council, exco and village representative. If we analyze another problem beyond the first two, we find during MCOs all chalets owner cannot be contacted.


Climate Change

Step 4 SHARE

A short-term problem we face is by distributing google form questionnaire. In contrast, a long-term problem will eventually be direct interview with the local community. The most difficult challenge will be. We shared our project to the municipal council, Hulu Kelang Exco. Finally village representative and our school teachers.