PlantOx Project

Student Council of DFC Global



Nikita Desai

Step 1 FEEL

DFC student Council members from 11 countries came together and thought about issues that bother them the most. The environment is THE MOST urgent issue in the world and for the world. It should be the number 1 concern of us all. In Coronavirus times, oxygen has been the most demanded resource, which we would have liked to have foreseen. Actually, there is a problem that will demand more oxygen in the future, CLIMATE CHANGE. This issue could have the worst consequences in our future, causing wars by the lack of resources, massive immigration, thousands of deaths and extinction of species. Between 3.5 billion to 7 billion trees are being cut every year according to a report published by the Rainforest Action Network (RAN). Planting trees and reforest zones of our localities, are really good initiatives to produce oxygen, reduce our carbon footprint and help the environment.

Step 2 Imagine

Reforest areas of our town to minimize the effects of climate change. Specific objectives (1) Increase oxygen (O2) production and carbon dioxide (CO2) absorption. (2) Return the benefits of trees to the areas. (3) Beautify the local landscape.

Step 3DO

We create a local, regional and global network, and at a local level, we create a group with at least 10 people, where we will fulfill the requests of the people who donate to plant a tree by their name, birthday, and another special data. For the first 3 months, we’re going to plant 100 trees per country. We have 11 countries represented on our DFC student council, then we will plant 1,100 trees in the first trimester. In the national network, there are 60 members. At their local networks, there are 10 members, then each one in the local network will plant 2 trees. DO THE MATH! We will set the goals for the first 3, 6, 9, and 12 months (1 year) Talk with the authorities of the localities we are going to go to plant trees. Identify the types of trees which can be planted in each zone Include schoolmates, children and other groups, like ambientalist and feminist groups. Join with organizations Daniel created a 2-day event for the plantation. On day one he distributed the saplings and day two had an online plantation in the USA. 110 trees were planted. Grace from Kenya planted fruit trees and started with an environment club with other classmates to start watering the plants and take care of them. Yasmin got 200 banana trees planted with the help of her family in Sudan even though she had to move to Dubai with her family. Leia from Peru created a PPT for spreading awareness for the project. Tijana from Serbia created an Instagram Page Guadalupe from Chile created the logo for the PlantOx Project. Daniela from the USA created a movie for the project.

2,562 plants and trees were planted across 7 countries Uruguay - 110 saplings - Sofia got 110 saplings planted by the children across the school. She is also working on creating humidity sensors for automatic irrigation systems with her team of robotics. USA - 110 saplings - Daniel created a two-day event by giving away saplings and having an online plantation. Sudan - 200 banana trees - Yasmin got these trees planted with the help of her family in Sudan. Kenya - 2130 fruit trees - Grace planted fruit trees and children have formed an environment club to take care of the trees by watering them. Serbia - Plantation in October - Tijana has received a grant of 400 $ to plant trees in October Nigeria - 10 trees - Obi Stanley has planted 10 trees with his school friends


Thanks to my young neighbour, Daniel Umrou, for introducing me to this program of preserving the environment by planting 1 plant. good luck to @PlantOx Project. :)) Spent part of my birthday weekend participating in the @plantOx Project. Their goal is to plant 100 trees in each country their student council members live in. Daniel did a fantastic job putting together the USA part of the PlantOx Project. I decided to go through the full process of growing a tree from the seed up.

The general challenge was to find the trees, how to get people to plant them, ideal time or weather to plant the trees, get more countries to be excited about the plantation, school vacations, school submissions, the Student Council group was across the globe and it was difficult to work across the time zones, it was difficult to get the school children to work on this project because of the pandemic time, etc. Israel: it is the year of Shamita and no plantation for the mother earth by no plantations. So, Alma from Israel had to spread awareness to the people about planting more oxygen and to clean up the areas around the forest trees. Chile: the challenge was the water crisis and how to irrigate for the trees


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Step 4 SHARE

We created an Instagram account and a webpage for PlantOx Project