Plant A Tree And Get Oxygen For Free

Kotak Education Foundation



Veena Devadiga

Step 1 FEEL

We choose deforestation as the core topic because nowadays not just in Amazon but everywhere we see trees are been cut for making road, buildings. Due to this, there is a lot of climate change issues.

Step 2 Imagine

we came up with some solutions such as:- 1. Our government should enforce a series of rules and laws. 2. We should Ban on Clear-Cutting of Forest 3. We should Replace the cutting of trees by planting young trees. 4. We should Reduce the excess Consumption of Paper and replace it with digital tools. 5. We should educate Others by creating awareness 6. We should eat Less Meat and use an alternative for it. 7. We should always Purchase Sustainable or Eco-Friendly Company products

Step 3DO

We can start with a small initiative by growing plants all around our community. Also during a function or an event rather than giving a gift we can distribute saplings or sapling kits. We can collect the seeds of fruits, flowers and keep them with us, later while travelling we can throw those seeds in the barren areas that they can grow naturally. We should work on all the R's like reuse, reduce, repair, regift, recover and rethink etc. Like growing plants in the broken bucket, making compost from kitchen waste, etc.

Earlier there was no plant in our building but now we could see greenery around our building. As there is a saying, "A small change can lead to bigger changes in one's life". This is just the beginning or you can say our first little step of our journey


People in our area saw our work and they also started planting saplings in their building outside the gallery. Earlier people use to throw garbage in the dustbin but now they are using the vegetable and fruit waste as compost for the plants.

There were many rats in our locality. They were destroying the sapling that we had planted. So to protect it from them we had to come up with an idea. We covered the planted area with thick and strong sheets of the net which the rats will not be able to nibble. We also started mixing the kitchen waste with the soil as nourishment for the plants to grow.


Climate Change

Step 4 SHARE

We have shared the progect on social medial platform like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. We have also shared this project with our school and family Whatsapp group. They were really proud of our work and aslo appreciated us. We have even ask them to plant sapling around their garden.