Aubrick Educação Bilíngue

São Paulo


Eloisa Monteiro

Step 1 FEEL

1.OBSERVE List the challenges or problems in your surroundings (school,neighbourhood etc.) that bothered you. abandoned green areas, waste of food, books that are not reusable; pollution: too many cars around the school. State the problem chosen to work and why. We chose to work with the excessive number of cars in our surroundings. We observed that there were many vehicles which can pollute the environment we live in, that really bothered us, and we wanted to help. By doing this, we are trying to reduce the number of people going by bus, cars, motorcycles, etc. Who were the people affected by the problem? What were their primary concerns? Students, their families and teachers. They were concerned about the traffic and the pollution due to the excessive number of cars.

Step 2 Imagine

2. IMAGINE List ALL the different solutions you came up with. Reduce the number of cars to go the school. We did research related to the vehicles used and distance between their homes, and the school. With the results, we saw the possibilities to change, and offered a sustainable solution. By doing that, we tried to solve the problem we were dealing with. Which solution from those listed above did you choose to implement and why?

Step 3DO

Which solution from those listed above did you choose to implement and why? engage other people from our community to use other ways to go to school without using their cars.

What was the result or impact of your project? We are still working on that, trying to reduce the amount of cars in our school.


“It was amazing to see the group’s leadership. They were truly committed to raise students' awareness to the sustainable practices of the school.” Mariana Resende Fernandes- school´s coordinator

We had to deal with some resistance. People who did not want to answer the form and also people who “didn't care” about reducing the number of cars


Climate Change

Step 4 SHARE

We are still working on that, but we are talking to the school community so that use less cars.