Engage Independent School



Cristina De Porcellinis Pascau

Step 1 FEEL

We have chosen the overpopulation of invasive species. We chose this one after a feeling process: First, we gathered information about all the problems in the rainforest, and we divided them into different categories: Pollution, Human Consequences, Population and Natural Disasters. After searching for some information about rainforest problems, we decided to work out overpopulation as our biggest worry for the future of the rainforest. There are two types: animal and human overpopulation. We have chosen animal overpopulation which has f animals because we thought it's a bigger problem and easier to solve. Inside of animal overpopulation, there are two categories: Invasive Species and Native Species, and we chose invasive species.


Some of the solutions we came up with were: collect money, make a campaign to raise awareness, design a website, create a drawing contest and many more. We couldn't decide on one because we thought they were all essential, so we decided| to combine them all and make an app with many different elements.

Step 3DO

Our solution was to create awareness about the problem of invasive species. We designed a website/app to create awareness about this topic showing information and ways to help with this problem.

Our app's impact is to raise awareness among many people about the overpopulation of invasive species, and these people will help however they can.


"The page intuitively and comprehensively explains what invasive species are and indicates different collaborations: donations to different NGOs, volunteering and dissemination on social networks. In short, these six girls from the Engage Independent School provide us with a resource to raise awareness of the importance of the rainforest and the dangers of not stopping invasive species without giving up an innovative design." Someone from our family "Wow, I think this idea is so creative! This project is having a great impact on our school. I'm really proud of my students, how they have demonstrated that they can make a difference. Congrats!" Cristina, our teacher

The most important challenge we found was that the web we used to create the app didn't work, so we lost a lot of time. Another problem we found was that the audio sounded horrible, so we recorded many times the video

15-30 Days

Life on land

Step 4 SHARE

We shared our project in our class and other classes with a presentation; we also shared the project with other teachers and with our family and friends. They thought it was an excellent idea, and some of them wrote a testimony that you have read before.