Ressurecting rainforests

Wisdom High International school



Ayaati Sarda

Step 1 FEEL

I have chosen reduction of trees in rainforests as they are one of our biggest contributors to global warming and need to be resolved as soon as possible.

Step 2 Imagine

-> Raising awareness: we can raise awareness for this issue by creating podcasts, social media handles and putting up posters (made of recycled paper, of course)

Step 3DO

-> I, and a couple of friends are working on a podcast to raise awareness about various issues that today's rainforests face. -> We are also regularly submitting articles to our local newspapers with information about the problem and ways that we can do our part for nature.

-> While the articles are yet to be picked up by newspapers, we are still regularly submitting articles. We have attended a few conservation rallies as well.


-> "Working on the podcast and articles has been surreal. This is our problem, and we will solve it." -> " Let's keep working. Even if one person is impacted by our efforts, we have succeeded."

-> We are having trouble convincing people to join us. The newspapers are not getting back to us for further development. -> We are students, so the scheduled release date of the podcast has been delayed due to our exams

15-30 Days

Climate Change

Step 4 SHARE

-> We used our platform (WhatsApp) to spread word -> We shared our project with friends, teachers, parents, anyone who would listen -> The response has been good overall, although not nearly as much as we would like it to be, but we'll get there soon fingers crossed.