Stop Cyberbullying




Paul Kane, Phil d'Alton, Cameron Gibson, Juanita Rea

Step 1 FEEL

The issues that bothered us were: Cyberbullying Depression Concern Stress Concern for others Exclusion Loneliness

The issue we chose to address was Cyberbullying. This is defined as when you are being bullied, harassed or trolled over social media another internet platform Bullying is when people take advantage of someone's vulnerability Trolling is when someone makes negative comments for the sake of causing discomfort or upset. We chose this issue because we believe cyberbullying is going to make a huge impact on many people in the future and we want to prevent it. This issue made us feel angry at the culprit, concerned and sympathy towards the victim

Cyberbullying takes place over multiple social media platforms and affects many people including: Ourselves People in the future Friends We think it is the primary Issue that young people have to deal with today because the youth today are highly active on social media.

Step 2 Imagine

We had many ideas and discussed: Writing a song Spreading a message Raising awareness The need to report the issue Those affected knowing that they shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help

We chose to write a song because we felt a song would help us to: deliver a sharp strong message raise awareness deliver a message in an entertaining and affecting way the message in a positive way which might help children understand it more effectively capture people's attention We envisioned that when the audience hears our completed song they will feel energised and educated about the issue.

Step 3DO

To create our song we: Created lyrics differentiated causes and consequences of the issue Worked as a team created a rhythm Created presentations Our roles and responsibilities were Karma in drums,singing. Kavya and Snehal in singing. We met for rehearsals at oh yeah centre and sometimes our houses.

The project impacted us in many ways. We feel that we have a great once in a while chance to acknowledge people about cyberbullying. On Aug 12 we reached 92 people in the audience through our live presentation and performance


On Aug 12th we got lots of feedback from the audience such as “The lyrics and message were amazing!” “You guys are natural performers!” “Great message - so relevant!”

The challenges we faced were bringing the drums up and down and to match the rhythms of the song and voices . We used our superpowers to overcome our challenges by being creative and making new lyrics and tunes, by being observant and trying to fix our mistakes and improving our song.

15-30 Days

Good health and well being

Our project addressing cyberbullying supports the good health and wellbeing of others by performing our song and making people aware of the issue and asking them to take appropriate actions over it.

Step 4 SHARE

The Art For Change programme included a Showcase Day on Aug 12th to present our projects and perform our art piece to an audience. The audience sang along, clapped and looked like they really enjoyed the song! This is a link to our presentation and performance on Youtube. We also have a song video on Youtube that we are sharing to spread the message far and wide!

More than 100

We hope to do more presentations and performances at our school and around Belfast. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to share our story of change at the I CAN Children's Global Summit in Ahmedabad, India in December 2023! It has motivated us to keep sharing our song and to educate more people so we can reduce the frequency on cyberbullying in our community.