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Alice Mutisya

Step 1 FEEL

1.Disease 2.Emotional Suffering 3.Poverty

Battling Cancer. I chose this problem upon meeting a lady suffering from Cancer. I learnt that she was struggling financially because of the high cost of treatment. I also learnt that there were many other people like her especially children some of whom were abandoned in hospitals because their guardians could not meet the high cost of treatment. The patients also suffer emotionally as a result of the whole situation.

There quite a number of people in my community, both children and adults. They cannot access good medical care because the cost of treatment is very high. They also get emotionally affected as a result of the nature of their terminal sickness. Their families are also affected due to financial strain.


1. Financial Support. 2. Emotional Support.

I chose to support them emotionally since I did not have finances. I learnt that as a result of chemotherapy treatment Jacinta (the lady suffering from cancer) had lost all her hair - I deeply empathized with the whole situation. I could do nothing to assist financially but felt strongly to reach out emotionally. I will make a beanie for her since I love crocheting and also reach out to other children suffering from the same situation. I will pay them a visit in the hospital, deliver the beanies and encourage them with the hope of putting a smile on their face and heightening their self esteem.

Step 3DO

I will make a time table and create time to crochet the beanies. I will also consider ways of encouraging them emotionally to make sure that they develop a strong will to live despite the challenges.

The patients were much encouraged. They developed high self esteem. The beanies definitely put a smile on their faces and they felt well cared for.


Jacinta Wakanyi, "Bianca, thank you so much for the beanie that crocheted for me, I will never forget your kindness". God bless you". Doctor Winnie (Gertrude's Children's Hospital), "Thank you so much for your visit. The children are very happy and encouraged by your kind words". Patient Amos (Gertrude's Hospital): "We have received the beanies and they are very beautiful, thank you so much for putting a smile on our faces".

1. Time for crocheting. I had to create time and reduce my play time. 2. Resources - getting yarn for crocheting all the beanies was not that easy. However, I had to sell some beanies to get more money for the yarn. 3. Booking the hospital appointment - It was challenging due to Covid - 19 restrictions, however I did manage to meet the doctor and a few patients, though I would have loved to meet many more patients.

15-30 Days

Good health and well being

Cancer and the well being of patients is global, the number is increasing alarmingly. I feel the desire to reach out to the cancer patients and alleviate their suffering.

Step 4 SHARE

I shared with my school mates during a school assembly. Majority of them were unaware of the predicament faced by the cancer patients. They encouraged me to continue with my course and even promised to join me in my future pursuits in battling cancer.

More than 100

I hope to get more resources from well wishers in order to reach out to more patients both financially and emotionally. I will look out for a willing people to support me as I endeavour to reach out to more people suffering from cancer.