Towards a Peaceful World - Student-Led WW2 and Atomic Bomb Exhibition





Step 1 FEEL

Many students do not know much about WW2 and the atomic bomb Even if you watch movies and dramas about war, very few people think about it beyond that. There is very little education about our history during WW2 and curriculum guidelines cannot be changed quickly.

I knew a little about WW2 from the stories told by my great-grandfather. When I went to a local WW2 exhibition for the first time, I realized I was the only student there, and worried that the stories would get lost in time and that my generation and the next would not know about it beyond the small part being taught in our textbook.

The current generation who don't know much about WW2 and the atomic bomb. The generation who experienced the war and atomic bomb are declining and we might not be able to know their stories anymore.


hold a WW2 and atomic bomb exhibition convey information create an opportunity Make time to think and share Negotiate with the Board of Education to incorporate it into classes change textbook

hold a WW2 and atomic bomb exhibition convey information create an opportunity to learn about the war create space for people to think and discuss I thought I had no choice but to do it because there was no one else working on it.

Step 3DO

Convey my plan and goals to adults and negotiate Increase and recruit friends to work together Making flyers Donation collection Organizing and managing the exhibition

I was able to reach many people; they were grateful and became more aware of our history. We were able to collaborate with the ward and were able to have some expenses covered.


A middle school visitor: "This exhibition made me realize a lot of things about the war beyond what is being taught in the textbook, and now I don't think about it as other people's business anymore" An elderly visitor: "Thank you for making this exhibition. I am happy that young people are passing these stories on for the future."

financial barrier -> Collect through donations negotiation with adults -> I learned through experience and adjusted my approach accordingly flyer idea -> Created a place for students who are good at design and drawing to play an active role.


Peace, Justice and strong institutions

Because my project deals with history of war

Step 4 SHARE

Sharing the project during my school morning assembly and giving out flyers in school. Distributing flyers at libraries and some schools in Minato Ward. Going directly to my alma mater or communities that I have previously worked with. Words of mouth Get featured in newspapers and other media. Many adults expressed interest in this student-led initiative, saying, "Wow!" and praising the students' ability to take action.

More than 100

Let as many people know about this activity as possible. (I think the continuation of the project will depend on how much donations are collected.) Attract more people and get featured in the media Find sponsors and companies that will cooperate, and do a lot of negotiation with adults.