Hope For The Homeless

International Community School



Yvette Osekereh

Step 1 FEEL

We received a letter from the Central Destitute Infirmary in Bekwai Ashanti Region. It is a Rehabilitation center for the needy, homeless, aged and abandoned. Seeing all the inmates in that deplorable state touched us. So we decided to do something about it.

To support the Infirmary with buying basic needs like toiletries and groceries. These are everyday items they need to run the facility hence need to raise funds for this cause.

The inmates and the Officials. The officials who work there and take care of them mentioned funds that come from the government is not enough to sustain them.


To Build a wall to secure the facility. To refurbish the health centre. To buy basic needs such as groceries and toiletries.

To buy basic needs such as groceries and toiletries because these are every day essentials they need to run the facility.

Step 3DO

We informed the whole student body about the institution after our visit and return to campus. Students were informed about the fund raiser to support the infirmary. A dress down was organized by the students dubbed Hats and Red/white shirt day.

We were able to get students and teachers involved. They donated cash towards the project. We were able to raise enough to buy the items needed.


''We are grateful for the support'' ''This is a Great initiative and a good cause to support''

At the high school, teachers had to make sure they collected donations from students. Some were reluctant to donate but eventually did.


Reduced inequalities

Equality and prosperity must be available for all regardless of gender, race, age, social class etc. The entire world is a happy place if every individual is self sufficient.

Step 4 SHARE

We presented it to the whole student body during our weekly assemblies. Teachers and students were happy to be part of this project.

More than 100

To keep in touch with the infirmary and know how we can always be of help and support through our cherished teachers, parents and students.